Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hey Dollie,

I had to write to you. I have been a cocktail server for 26 years in Atlantic City ( I know shoot me please) So anyway, I was googling something after work and came across your website. I was laughing so hard, I literally had tears running down my face. I especially like the section: "Who orders What?". Not only are you hysterical, you are 100% right on in everyone of your blogs. I work at Bally's in the poker room on Grave shift and especially liked your description of the poker players. Thanks for a good laugh. I am going to forward your site to all of my cocktail server friends and maybe even print some of it to hang in the bar. It's been so slow because of the partial smoking ban and new casinos in other states that we could use a laugh. BTW, in NJ you can serve drinks if you are under 21. Here you only have to be 18.

Take care,
Linda in AC

Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello Dollie,

I do not want to complain but, you have not been updating the sexiest web site in the history of the world.
I do understand how busy you must get working and having a little boy. Plus fighting off your spouse because he can’t keep his hands off of you for obvious reasons…. Hahahaha..
But it would be nice to hear from you so we all know you are OK.

Have a nice day!

Love your site!

Saw your website via Las Vegas Advisor. Cute baby! Love your weibsite. Our son is coming home for a two week leave in June from deployment in Iraq and our daughter graduates from college so we are coming out to Vegas for a few days to unwind and escape the reality of our lives a bit before the son has to go back over to the hell-hole in Iraq. Thanks for the tips on your site regarding the cocktail waitresses. I have a new found respect!

Respectfully, Terri "Proud Navy Mom" "Proud Jayhawk Mom" from "The Land of Oz," blah old Kansas....... ;(

Hola Dollie..

i was thinking if you hear "Hello Dollie" one more time you may get sick. think i found through the las vegas advisor link.. i may know you... although that may not be you in the photo. i travel all over the world on a regular basis. (international airline).. also have a photo business which takes me to las at times...i happen to enjoy the place myself.. as long as you take it for what it is, its a fun place. i happen to like hot weather too.. you went to great lengths to detail a lot of stuff about yourself on your site.. but for today, i will skip most of my details and say thank you for an amusing & fun visit. you are very clever and funny in an off beat way. hope to meet you for real.. Where is the beautiful Asian baby from? im guessing china.. but maybe not. here is a photo for you .. from kazakhstan..xx cheers from eli..

Hi Eli,

Yes, now that the world's smartest country is stuck with a zillion horny men and no women - talk about a short-term solution with disastrous results - it was easy to steal a baby boy without notice. Thanks for the picture, it makes me homesick.

Re: Ordering tips

I really enjoyed your "Ordering Tips". Very well done. Too bad the "idiots" and other self indulged folks that do read it would most likely assume it refers to "someone else" . Good luck.



First, a little bit of introduction. I'm a local as of November, 2005, but we had been coming to Las Vegas on vacation for several years prior to that. One of the things we use to judge a casino is the wait staff and, as far as we're concerned, there's nothing better than a good cocktail waitress!

I've been using Las Vegas websites, news, message boards, etc., for over 10 years and I've just been introduced to your site. You seem to have a good deal of good information on your website - especially for people who have never been to Las Vegas, or, God forbid, a casino! In all this time I have never seen a link to your website until this morning - through Las Vegas Advisor. I would suggest to you that you get your link on as many of the other Las Vegas websites as possible - your information is that good and your subject matter is not covered very well by any other sites.

Just had to put my $.02 worth in! Keep up the good work!



Hi Dollie
Great site. Loads of interesting stuff!

My family (myself, husband, 4 kids and my mom) will be moving to LV in August from NY (but I grew up in LA). I hope to enjoy LV as much as you seem to.


I Love abba-zabba but haven't been able to find them in years!