Monday, February 4, 2008

Hola Dollie..

i was thinking if you hear "Hello Dollie" one more time you may get sick. think i found through the las vegas advisor link.. i may know you... although that may not be you in the photo. i travel all over the world on a regular basis. (international airline).. also have a photo business which takes me to las at times...i happen to enjoy the place myself.. as long as you take it for what it is, its a fun place. i happen to like hot weather too.. you went to great lengths to detail a lot of stuff about yourself on your site.. but for today, i will skip most of my details and say thank you for an amusing & fun visit. you are very clever and funny in an off beat way. hope to meet you for real.. Where is the beautiful Asian baby from? im guessing china.. but maybe not. here is a photo for you .. from kazakhstan..xx cheers from eli..

Hi Eli,

Yes, now that the world's smartest country is stuck with a zillion horny men and no women - talk about a short-term solution with disastrous results - it was easy to steal a baby boy without notice. Thanks for the picture, it makes me homesick.

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